Alleged BDR soldier’s custodial death caused by junior inexperienced officers. Part-I

Bangladesh Rifles was a paramilitary force to guard the border. This force recruited solders but not the officers. Officers of this force were deputed from Bangladesh army. This was the main issue in the mutiny of 26th Feb, 2009. The solders demanded a different recruitment system for BDR. The solders had some other grievances also. Some solders alleged that the army officers are corrupt and often misbehave with them. BDR conducted an operation called ‘Operation Dalvat’ which was a program to provide essential food items to consumers at low cost. In that program the solders were used as a shopkeeper, but they allege that lion’s share of the profit was taken away by the officers. Many analysts say accumulated grievances of the soldiers triggered this mutiny.

Bangladesh army lost more that 50 officers in this mutiny. Many are skeptic. They believe this was a conspiracy to destabilize the country and to weaken the Bangladesh army.


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