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An dusk of Tagore’s Bhanga Gaan

For a strain fans, Thursday dusk was a provide as Chittagong-based informative organization Sangeet Bhaban hold a uncover of Rabindranath Tagore’s Bhanga Gaan during a Gulshaan Office of Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC).

To compensate reverence to Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore upon his 150th bieing born anniversary, Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, High Commission of India in Dhaka has organized yearlong celebrations.
As partial of a celebrations, IGCC organized a dusk which featured a two-hour low-pitched uncover of Tagore’s Bhanga Gaan.
Bhanga Gaan equates to blending songs of Tagore from opposite sources together with Hindustani exemplary music, folk songs as well as others. Of all a compositions of Tagore, usually a handful can be termed as Bhanga Gaan.
Tagore used opposite aspects of tunes from normal Bangla folk songs (baul song), Hindustani songs, as well as even Western songs as well as stoical his own songs formed upon these tunes. This has not usually enriched Tagore’s own songs though has additionally included a singular peculiarity to a strain of Bengal.
On a arise of Tagore’s 150th bieing born anniversary, Sangeet Bhaban, Chittagong constructed dual special productions– Rabindranather Bhanga Gaan and Bangladeshe Rabindranath with which a organization trafficked in as well as outward a nation final year.
Rabindranather Bhanga Gaan, an try to move out a inspirations in Tagore songs was a meritorious opening since of a accumulation of songs which a producer wrote.
During a performance, a artistes of a organization achieved songs identical to Jodi tor daak shune keu na ashe, Bhenge mor ghorer chabi, Jhoro jhoro bohichhey dhara, Ami kothay pabo tare amar moner manush je re as well as so on.
The artistes of a low-pitched uncover began a gala with a pristine classical, went upon to a semi-classical as well as folk songs, afterwards in renouned numbers, and wrapped up with a Scottish ballad.
Since a pregnancy in 2010, IGCC has been operative with a perspective to strengthening ties in in between a dual countries by arranging informative programmes.
The organisers have been confident to prepare a identical kind of programme in future.
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