Are you afraid of robots?

Are you afraid of robots? Perhaps the answer is no. We want to use robots for our convenience, robots are like donkey, and they will obey all of our orders. But perhaps you have already watched some science fiction films like Terminator, where robots try to take control of the world.

It may be a film only. But there is some real risk also. The scientists are always working to improve artificial intelligence. Many of today’s computers can learn from their observations.

So, computers inside robots may rebel.

Scientists also believing that there are some real risks and we need to address this. The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) is going to study on possible dangers from biotechnology, artificial life, nanotechnology and climate change.

There is strong possibility that at some point in next century artificial intelligence will overcome biology. Some experts think, now the scientific community should consider this seriously.

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