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Glamorous tutors

If one want to become a successful model, actor or actress he or she must have glamour. But if one wants to succeed in teaching, does he need glamour?

The answer is becoming more and more positive now. In Hon Kong young teachers both male and female need to be glamorous to attract students. Many tutors of coaching centers are using attractive posters. If you don’t see this poster carefully you may say it’s a poster of an upcoming or newly released film. Many tutors have special designer who designs their dresses and advices what to wear in what situation. Tutors are changing hairstyles.

Students are queuing to the doors of good looking teacher’s.

Not only in Hong Kong, this trend has also reached in other Asian countries.

Some are arguing simple clothed teachers are monotonous for students. So if you have the quality to become a hero or heroine in film, perhaps you have the quality to become a good tutor in coaching centers. If you don’t have this quality you should try for other job.

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