Awami League Fears: BNP or Elections?

Awami League Fears: BNP or Elections?

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In two consecutive opinion polls, a majority of respondents said the country is headed in the wrong direction. It is natural that such reactions affect the confidence of the government and the ruling party. Despite the inauguration of new projects and the rhetoric of development almost every day, people have lost hope in the economy. Not only this, there is also a kind of disappointment regarding the direction of politics. Around 47.5% of the respondents said that Bangladesh is going in the wrong direction politically. The IRI survey revealed that 51 percent of people believe that Bangladesh is moving in the wrong direction. And now, in a survey conducted by Asia Foundation and BRAC University, it has been said that 70 percent of the people feel that Bangladesh has gone on the wrong path even in the field of politics.

The time between the two surveys was not much, only three months. While the approval rate for the Prime Minister personally was 70 percent in the IRI survey, responses to other questions in both surveys indicated that people did not have unconditional support for his economic or political policies.

A more significant reflection of people’s views is seen in the second survey where 72 percent said they were seeing one-party rule in politics and 55 percent felt that the role of that party was negative.

Talking to party leaders, it was revealed that Awami League nominates candidates on the basis of their probability of victory. However, the common belief is that these surveys are conducted by some intelligence agencies to assess popularity. As a result, we don’t get the opportunity to see what information those surveys reveal. But, undoubtedly, when it comes to credibility, surveys run by professional institutions naturally take the lead.

It is now also more or less certain that the open letter from over a hundred Nobel laureates and over 50 former world leaders will spark a debate, demanding the withdrawal of the case against Dr. Muhammad Yunus and highlighting the need for Will go. Fair and credible elections. While he indicated that foreign lawyers and legal experts would be given a chance to study the papers and documents of the allegations against Dr. Yunus, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not heed his concerns and call for free and fair elections. , In contrast, he asked, “Where was the concern when military dictators conducted elections?”

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