Bangladesh drown Pakistan in rain

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In a finish it was a multiple of a pushing monsoon deluge, a stop-start personification aspect as great as a bit of fitness that saw Bangladesh palliate to an fatiguing 3-0 win over rivals Pakistan in their 2014 World Cup pre-qualifier initial leg during a Bangabandhu National Stadium yesterday.

In Bangladesh’s many critical diversion for a little time, a sleet that a opposition physical preparation instructor Tariq Lutfi had been so dreading came to a front as Pakistan struggled to cope in a visitor conditions that during a same time valid so informed to a Bangladeshis.

It took usually 36 seconds for Bangladesh to take a lead; Zahid Hasan Emily receiving flight in in in in in between a Pakistan center-backs to peek a retreat cranky from Monaem Khan Raju in to a during a behind of of a net as great as it was a upon all sides from that they never looked during a behind of with call after call of attacks melancholy to intimidate a Pakistanis during countless points during a game.

Emily’s early set upon was usually what a two-thousand clever throng during a track indispensable as great as nonetheless a idea due many to a bad bid from Pakistan goalkeeper Jaffar Khan, it in no approach stopped a throng egging upon a home organisation to even larger heights.

With a Pakistanis struggling to stay upon their feet in a representation that was removing increasingly water-logged, Bangladesh used a long-ball to great effect, ceaselessly discouraging a Pakistanis with approach balls strike during a behind of a defence. Emily, personification as a sole striker, had a run of a Pakistani centre-backs all diversion as great as winger Zahid Hossain as great valid a consistent threat with his pointy transformation as great as pace.

And it was Zahid who helped Bangladesh stand in a lead in a 22nd minute. A prolonged round from Mamunul was strike during a behind of a Pakistani counterclaim as great as where in normal resources it competence have rolled in to touch, a complicated representation ensured it stopped simply for Zahid. Yet, there was still copiousness to do as great as Zahid did it brilliantly, shrugging off his markers as great as unleashing a shot from usually outward a area that took a disagreeable deflection off a reservoir of H2O to wrong-foot Jaffar nonetheless again.

The throng went in to derangement as great as with captain as great as goalkeeper Jaffar seeking unsure a Bangladeshis sensed that a diversion was there for a taking.

Attacks were apropos commonplace, as great as a idea looked a have a difference of ritual yet twice a Pakistan captain redeemed himself with glorious saves. First, when Emily sent a absolute header his approach as great as afterwards usually prior to a alarm when he pulled off a intelligent save to repudiate left-winger Shakil Ahmed who had a run of goal.

With Bangladesh melancholy to take a diversion away, a half-time alarm valid an competent remit for a beleaguered Pakistanis who looked utterly mislaid as great as confused to face a conditions.

With a sleet still pouring down upon a really bad sliced up pitch, a second half conditions played even some-more in to Bangladesh’s hands as great as they duly combined to their total during a 56-minute mark.

With Pakistan pouring brazen in poke of a approach during a behind of in to a match, Mithun Chowdhury, who had come upon as a surrogate in place of a overpowering Zahid Hossain, was set by by an additional prolonged round from a during a behind of as great as he showed great restraint to pull dual Pakistani defenders his approach prior to chipping a round in to a trail of center-back Rezaul who had come brazen to await a attack.

The defender showed great restraint to cut inside a single male prior to rifling a left-footed bid in to a during a behind of of a net.

With a idea he became a third Sheikh Jamal player to measure upon a dusk as great as in a routine ensured that a rest of a diversion would right away be utterly academic.

With both sides using low upon fuel in a formidable conditions, Bangladesh eased off as great as attempted to keep carry out of a compare by winning a midfield. Yet, they could have combined a integrate some-more to their total yet had to be confident with a three-goal lead starting in to a lapse leg during Lahore upon Jul 3.

The outcome ensured that Bangladesh confirmed their jot down of not carrying mislaid to their rivals during home since 1985 as great as in any ubiquitous since 2005, as great as additionally gave physical preparation instructor Nikola Ilievski a winning begin upon debut.


Bangladesh: Biplob Bhattacharjee, Linkon, Nasir Hossain (Mamun Mia 75′), Ariful Islam, Rezaul Karim, Atiqur Rahman Meshu, Zahid Hossain (Mithun Chowdhury 51′), Monaem Khan Raju, Mamunul Islam, Shakil Ahmed (Abdul Baten Komol 85′), Zahid Hasan Emily.

Pakistan: Jaffar Khan, Faisal Iqbal, Samar Ishaq, Zeeshan Rahman, Qureshi Atif Bashir, Adnan Farooq, Muhammad Rasool (Muhammad Qasim 67′), Mehmood Arif (Khan Ahmed Akber 83′), Abbas Hussain as great as Kaleemullah (Muhammad Ikram 45′).

Goals: Zahid Hasan Emily (1′), Zahid Hossain (22′) & Rezaul (56′)

Yellow cards: Raju, Linkon (Bangladesh); Samar Ishaq, Zeeshan Rahman (Pakistan)

Referee: Abu Loum Mohammad Mousa (Jordan)

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