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Bangladesh seeks military support in ensuring maritime security from US

shipDelegates from US and Bangladesh met in a dialog at Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies auditorium few days ago. Bangladeshi delegates sought more cooperation from US in expanding military capacity, ensuring maritime sovereignty, conducting rescue operation in disaster and delivering better service in peace keeping mission. Delegates from US said they want friendly relationship between the countries of the region. They said, there is high security risk in the region adjacent to Bay of Bengal.

After the dialog bilateral relationship affairs secretary of Bangladesh foreign ministry briefed the media. He said there is no security risk in this region, but US wants to help Bangladesh. This dialog was a fruitful one and continued dialog is important.

Spokesman from US delegation said Bangladesh has geostrategic importance to US. They want to ensure safe movement of sea vessels through Bay of Bengal. This is why they are helping Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Coast Guard. While commenting on military relationship between Bangladesh and China US delegate said Bangladesh is a sovereign country and US has no headache in this regard.

Military analysts say strategic importance of Bay of Bengal is increasing day by day and India is desperate to ensure its authority in this region. But China and US are also trying to ensure their authority.

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