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Bangladesh will get 25% of Teesta river water?

Ties between India and Bangladesh have improved recently, but the water sharing issues of

international rivers have been a big problem. Many anti Bangladeshi and anti Indian sections

of both the countries have utilized this issue for their political interest. As Bangladeshis

depend too much on river water, withdrawal of water in the upstream inside India has been a

concern for Bangladesh. India ignored this concern for year after year and continued their

dam construction in many rivers in a bid to withdraw water.

On the other hand India has been looking for road and rail transit through Bangladesh. But

many strategic analysts of Bangladesh have been arguing that India may use this for military

purpose, so we need a guarantee and have right to monitor what they are carrying. Because if

India use this supply route to strengthen their military presence in China border that may

hamper ties between another important nation China.

Now it seems the present government has opted to allow transit and apparently a water

sharing treaty for river Teesta with India is finalized. But still no one knows what will be


West Bengal provincial assembly (Rajjoshova) member Abu Hashem Chowdhury has said, according

to the Teesta water sharing treaty which is supposed be signed during the visit of Indian

prime minister few days later, India will get 75% and Bangladesh will get 25% of Teesta


But there is another report that there will be 15 year interim water sharing treaty which

will give 52% to India and 48% to Bangladesh. Many political leaders of west Bengal fear

that the central government of India will be too soft to please present Bangladesh


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