Celebrities have to pay tax

TVBangladeshi showbiz industry has boomed in last few years. There are more than twenty satellite television channels, several FM radios; performers are participating in concerts at home and abroad. But many singers, television and film actors and actresses are not paying income tax. Many performers even don’t have any TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number. NBR officials are saying that some performers are paying income tax but they suspect many performers are evading income tax by showing low income, though many performers’ luxurious lifestyle say different story; they are visiting different countries so frequently.

NBR has prepared a list of more than one thousand actors, models and singers to oversee their income and expenditure. Taxmen are assigned to collect information. NBR officials say they have no intention to harass celebrities. Celebrities will have the opportunity to submit their wealth statement and pay income tax. If they don’t, NBR will follow the law, which may include freezing of bank accounts.

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