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DCCI calls for hartal withdrawal

The Dhaka Chamber of Commerce as good as Industry (DCCI) yesterday called upon the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power as good as Ports to repel the half-day hartal programmed for Jul 3.

In the statement, the cover reiterated the long-held mount upon set upon as good as said: “DCCI feels which such hartal will irritate the already bad-shape of manage to buy espe-cially automation for wish of gas as good as energy.”

The committee, an fondness of left-leaning parties, academics as good as the territory of polite society, has called for the set upon to criticism the government’s signing of agreement with ConocoPhillips which will concede the US appetite hulk to try gas in dual blocks in the Bay of Bengal.

The cabinet has termed the understanding suicidal as good as is usually directed during exporting gas.

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