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Efforts upon to find treatment

With no diagnosis accessible in Bangladesh as good as India to revive Rumana Manzur’s eyesight, her family is right divided coming eye specialists in grown countries anticipating to find the little diagnosis for her eyes there.

“We have been contacting hospitals as good as eye specialists abroad. They competence do something in the formidable incident similar to this,” pronounced Rumana’s cousin Rashed Maqsood.

He pronounced they have already sent the evidence reports of Rumana’s eyes to the USA, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden as good as the Netherlands.

“We have been perplexing to try if any alloy in the universe can yield the eyes which do not reply to light,” he said.

Rumana, an partner highbrow of International Relations during Dhaka University as good as the postgraduate tyro during the University of British Columbia in Canada, postulated serious injuries as her father Hasan Sayeed Sumon pushed his fingers in to her eyes upon Jun 5. He additionally gnawed her nose, impertinence as good as throat.

Doctors in Bangladesh as good as India pronounced her left eye has been utterly shop-worn as good as the alternative the single is not responding to light.

She is right divided receiving diagnosis during capital’s LabAid Hospital where doctors have been perplexing to strengthen her eyes from infection.

Quoting doctors, her father Manzur Hossain pronounced the cosmetic operation will be indispensable to move her nose during the back of to shape.

Meanwhile, Stephen Toope, boss of the University of British Columbia (UBC), pronounced the series of fundraising efforts for Rumana have been underway.

“UBC is additionally operative to hope for options for Ms Manzur to finish her master’s grade in domestic science,” Toope pronounced in the letter. “While this cannot, of course, be Rumana’s evident priority, you wish her to know which everybody during UBC is meditative of her as good as of her future,” reports CBC headlines in Canada.

Dhaka University authorities have concluded to yield authorised benefit for Rumana. She will additionally go upon to reason her post during the university.

DU Vice-chancellor Prof AAMS Arefin Siddique gave the declaration following the ask from her family, pronounced Prof Delwar Hossain, authority of the International Relations Department.

Hasan Sayeed Sumon was yesterday remanded for an additional day in the box filed for torturing his wife.

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Utpal Chowdhury upheld the remand sequence after military assembled Sumon before to his probity with the 10-day remand prayer.

Since his detain upon Jun 15, he has been interrogated during remand for 5 days in 3 phases.

Academics, tellurian rights activists, women rights activists, media personalities as good as students demanded indication low mark to Sumon.

They finished the call from the critique convene orderly by the height shaped to press for probity for Rumana upon Shaheed Minar premises yesterday.

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