Share-market scam Lotus Kamal final low mark of culprits

Rebutting media reports about his company, authority of the parliamentary hire cabinet upon financial method affairs AHM Mostafa Kamal Thursday demanded low mark of the culprits concerned in the latest share-market scam.

“Of course, the indicted have to be given punishment. The income taken divided from the collateral marketplace by the indicted has to be brought during the back of if it is unfit to retaliate them,” pronounced the ruling-party lawmaker, additionally the businessman.

Mostafa Kamal, who name additionally cropped up in tie with the share-market scam, came up with the defence during the press discussion orderly in the city for protesting assorted reports in media over CMC Textiles.

He told the reporters which “false reports have been published in conflicting media by distorting the examine report”.

He added: “Such things have been being finished purposely for shaming me politically.”

The personality of the statute Awami League additionally told the reporters which he would not go to the Press Council to critique the press reports.

“The share issuers have been not obliged for destroying the collateral marketplace rsther than the persons who paid for the shares during tall cost are. They have to be given punishment,” he told the journalists.

He claimed which he as good as his family have been not obliged for the share-market strategy as good as the marketplace crash. Replying to assorted questions from the reporters he longed for service from the “court of media”.

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