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Escalator may kill.

Dhaka_news_escalatorMany times I have noticed that when I ride on an escalator its railing belt is not rolling

at the same speed. Some times it moves little faster, sometimes little slower than the main

escalator. So escalator may have some fault like other machines. But I have never thought it

may kill.
Escalator is very common in today’s modern shopping malls. Its electricity consumption rate

is very high, but shopping mall owners are very keen to run escalator for their commercial

Safety standards are not always met in building new structures. It is met in escalators?
Recently in Chinese capital a teenage boy was killed and 29 others were injured in an

escalator accident.
Suddenly the rising escalator started to run in opposite direction grinding loudly. This

caused passengers standing on the escalator to lose their balance, with those at the top

falling on the people behind them.  People fell into a pile and the teenage boy was buried

under others.
Though the escalator had guaranteed period and undergone routine maintenance at the end of

last month.
May we question about our escalators in Dhaka?

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