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Farmers upset as hybrid seeds produce little yield

Hybrid paddy sold in the name Jhalak and Hira yielded sterile plants, this situation infuriates the farmers or respective paddy cultivators. They set fire to those sterile paddy plants in front of Noakhali deputy commissioner’s office on Sunday. The farmers demanded compensation for losses and punishment to the companies that instigated them to buy low quality hybrid paddy.

Farmers who incurred losses on Sunday formed a human chain in front of the deputy commissioner’s office demanding compensation for their losses. They also demanded punishment to Supreme Seed Company and Energy-pack Company limited who marketed hira and jhalak seeds respectively.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) took necessary steps to in form the matter to higher authorities and the respective companies.

Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) of Noakhali also expressed their sorrow about the matter.

Supreme Seed Company, however, fixed a meeting with the farmers of Subarnachar on April 29.

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