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Female students outnumbered their male counterpart

Medical-CollegesRecent data from government medical colleges and lone dental college shows that female students have outnumbered male students. About sixty percent of the students enrolled in government medical colleges and dental college are female now. They are doing well compared to male. Experts who closely monitor the situation say female students are more attentive. On the other hand male students are using their time for other activities rather than studying. This is why it’s not quota, its merit list which is dominated by female now.

Female students are also doing well compared to male after enrollment. 1,135 male students were enrolled in 23 government medical colleges by the recent admission test, but the number of female students was 1,602. 2,383 male doctors were produced by the government medical colleges last year where 3,164 female doctors were produced.

It has been a trend for last few years. Experts are pleased to notice this; they say women have an inherent quality of sympathy. But accommodation for female doctors in the rural areas remains a concern.

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