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For the first time more people are dying due to obesity, not due to malnutrition

We know many people especially children are dying due to malnutrition in many poor countries. Malnutrition is a big problem in many African countries. War, lack of governance, drought and global climate change has worsened the situation there.

A biggest survey in recent years have revealed that death toll due to obesity related complications is three times higher than malnutrition due to food shortage. But malnutrition is still a big problem in Africa.

These data were taken in 2010. It says that death due to malnutrition has decreased dramatically in recent years. Malnutrition is not a big problem anymore.

Obesity related disease have increased. This observation is also true for developing countries. Sedentary lifestyle and high calorie consumption is to blame.

Experts are finding something positive here. They are saying that, this report suggests there have been some achievements to reach the millennium development goal. Because, malnutrition related death have decreased.

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