Finally an underpass for Shahbag crossing

Shahbag crossing is a busy junction of Dhaka city. BIRDEM general hospital, BSMMU hospital, National Museum all are situated here. This crossing is also used by the students of Dhaka University, BUET, and Dhaka Medical College.

It was a long standing demand from the students to construct something for road crossing. Many students have died while crossing road in this junction before. Almost each accident sparked violent protest from the students.

Now Dhaka City Corporation South has decided to make an underpass here. This underpass will have half stairs compared to a foot over bridge, so it will be easier to use. This under pass will be between BSMMU and National Museum end. Authority is hoping that this will reduce accident here.

Usually construction work of this type of underpass takes nine months, but authority is taking special measures to complete the work within six months. The construction work will start from December 15 and special measures will be taken so that it does not affect normal traffic movement.

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