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Karate training for school girls to prevent eve-teasing

KarateEve-teasing has been a problem for girls and young women in Bangladesh. Many parents are arranging child marriage to save their daughter from eve teasing. They know child marriage is not good but they are compelled to do so.

Many victims of eve teasing commit suicide and many become so depressed. There is a belief that women are weak and they can be exploited. Not only that, girls also consider themselves weak and accept it as their fate.

A non government organization named Plan International has taken a different approach to save school girls from eve teasing. They are saying self defense training will help school girls.

Recently they have trained forty school girls of a remote village in Nilphamari district. A trainer Kamrunnahar Sathi who is a black belt holder conducted the martial art karate training. Girls who received the training say they no longer fear stalkers because the training on self defense has boosted their confidence.

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