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Musa Ibrahim defends himself

MusaIt was known that Musa Ibrahim was the first Bangladeshi to reach on top of Everest. Musa Ibrahim is also a journalist by profession. Later some other Bangladeshis also conquered Everest.

But few years ago some people said Musa did not conquer Everest, so he is not the first Bangladeshi to reach Everest. A recent publication titled Nepal Parbat did not include Musa’s name as conqueror of Everest. This publication fueled the debate in Bangladesh.

Musa Ibrahim has defended himself by a statement today. He says Nepal Parbat has already admitted that there are some mistakes and they will correct that.

Musa says internationally accepted database of conquerors of Everest has included his name and he also mentioned the link (http://www.himalayandatabase.com/2010%20Season%20Lists/2010%20Spring%20A4.html).

Musa says those who were skeptical after conquering Everest has already accepted that Musa is first after getting proof. But now some people is raising question again without any proof.



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