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Man of the Heart

A lecture-demonstration as well as multimedia projection upon the songs as well as truth of Fakir Lalon Shai was hold yesterday (August during the Seminar Room of Bangla Academy. Indian researcher, Professor Sudipto Chattopadhyay, who teaches English as well as Drama during Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK, gave the techer interspersed with the small Lalon songs.

Director General of Bangla Academy, Professor Shamsuzzaman Khan, gave the acquire speech. Among others, publishing house as well as Liberation War Museum trustee, Mofidul Haque, discussed upon the topic.

The harangue was partial of Bangla Academy’s stability initiatives to plead as well as foster internal icons. One of the aims of such programmes is to defend the prosperous informative birthright of Bangladesh.

Professor Chattopadhyay’s harangue focused upon the multimedia performance, patrician “Man of the Heart” (written as well as achieved by him). Suman Mukherjee is the senior manager of the prolongation which enjoys unchanging theatre shows.

“Man of the Heart” sheds light upon the hold up as well as functions of Lalon — incorporating live music, dance, interviews, video as well as available audio. According to Professor Chattopadhayay, the opening is additionally an exploratory square upon the ‘deho-tatwa’ (body-based) truth as well as the low-pitched practices of the Bauls.

Professor Chattopadhayay has been operative over the final fifteen years upon the project. He, along with Kolkata-based senior manager Suman Mukherjee, proposed the plan behind in early 1990s when the ethnographic examine began in Bangladesh. The final conceiving mentally — scripting, designing, component as well as opening — happened in 2005.

In 2008-09, “Man of the Heart” was grown serve in light of ultimate examine finished in Bangladesh.

To clear the core aspect of the presentation, Professor Chattopadhyay additionally sang multiform Lalon songs, together with “Barir Kachhe Aarshinagar”, “Shohore Sholojona Bombete” as well as “Manush Bhojle Shonar Manush Hobi”. Kushtia-based Baul Nazrul accompanied him upon dotara. Nazrul additionally played dotara during live shows of the prolongation in Kolkata.

After Professor Chattopadhyay’s demonstration, Mofidul Haque gave the reduced speech, during which he praised “Man of the Heart” presumption which it would assistance foster as well as popularise Lalon’s truth conflicting the globe.

Folk researcher Saymon Zakaria moderated the programme.

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