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Manna Dey Likes Barisal’s Ilish

Manna DeyVeteran and legendary Musician Manna Dey celebrated his 94th birthday in 1st May. He was born in Kolkata. But, he has been staying in Bengaluru since last few years. His wife Shulochona died last year. After her departure, Manna Dey is having lots of physical problems. He can not walk so much. One of his popular song was ‘Ami Sree Sree Vojo Hori Manna’. According to the lyrics of the song, he established a restaurant called ‘Vojo hori Manna’ in Kolkata. There is another one with same name in Bengaluru. He brought Barisal’s Ilish from his restaurant in his birthday. It was said that, Manna Dey likes Barisal’s Ilish so much.

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