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NGO executive found passed in city

A executive of an NGO was found passed in his room in a city’s Green Road yesterday morning.

Police as well as kin of a defunct suspected a incident as a attempted murder though his mother termed it a healthy death.

The physique of Abul Kashem, 52, who worked for Resource Development Foundation (RDF) was recovered from a initial building of Suvastu Tower around 10:30am.

Enamul Haque, OC of Kalabagan Police Station, told The Daily Star that he found a blemish symbol upon a victim’s neck.

Police picked up Kashem’s mother Fatema Kausar alias Lazu, their son Towfique Evan as well as a single of Evan’s friends for interrogation.

Lazu told The Daily Star during a military hire that her father felt sick around 3:30am as well as was sweating profusely. Lazu pronounced she took him to a lavatory where Kashem fell upon a building as well as his conduct was strike by a bucket. She pronounced she poured water upon his head.

As he felt a small improved she took him behind to a room as well as slept around 4:00am. When Lazu rose around 6:30am she found her father dead, she claimed.

Evan, a tyro of a in isolation university, told military that he as well as his crony slept in a apart room. Hearing his mother’s cry in a morning, they went to his parent’s room as well as found his father dead.

Kashem’s nephew Abdul Mannan purported that his aunt had an one more marital event with a mentor of Evan. The integrate had prolonged been disagreeing over a matter. He suspected that his aunt Lazu strangled his uncle.

The physique was sent to Dhaka Medical College morgue for autopsy.

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