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‘No mini skirt’- Swaziland police

DN-miniskirtSwaziland is a South African country, became an independent nation in 1968. It has a colonial law which prohibits women from wearing immoral dress. A police spokeswoman said, police may arrest women wearing too revealing dresses. They cannot wear mini skirt and top which reveal their stomach.

This ban is not applicable for annual reed dance where women wear traditional short dresses and monarch chooses a new wife.

The spokeswoman said, short dress made the work easier for rapist because they need to remove only half cloth.

Population of the country is more than 1.2 million and its HIV infection rate is one of the highest in the world. The country is trying to reduce the infection rate. According to a law enacted in the year 2000, school girls of ten years and above must wear knee long skirts.

This police warning comes after receiving complaints from some men that women are wearing miniskirts at Manzini, which is the second city of the country. A procession against rape was blocked last month, because protesters were wearing miniskirts.

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