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Ora Egaro Jon as well as Chashi Nazrul Islam

Chashi Nazrul Islam left home during a immature age as well as went to Bombay to turn a motion picture hero. In his early years, his usually mental condition was a glorious world of cinema. However, it is his destiny that warranted him a reputation, not as an actor, yet as a movie director.

Chashi Nazrul Islam destined a initial ever movie upon a Liberation War of Bangladesh entitled Ora Egaro Jon. Produced in 1972, a movie narrates the story of eleven intrepid leisure fighters as well as their struggles opposite a Pakistani function forces. The mass killings upon a night of twenty-six March, a atrocities of a Pakistani function armed forces as well as their internal collaborators as well as a sacrifices a women folks finished during a nine-month prolonged ransom fight have also been highlighted in a movie.
The eminent executive of a nation has common the story of creation a movie Ora Egaro Jon, his hold up as well as functions as well as more.
“I am lustful of fight movies. Since 1961, you have been a unchanging spectator of motion picture similar to The Cranes Are Flying, Two Women, The Longest Day, The Fall of Berlin. Sometimes you enjoyed such motion picture with my friends as well as you suspicion about how such motion picture were finished featuring so many devastation, movement and actual fight similar to scenarios,” pronounced Chashi Nazrul.
“These fight motion picture had a large stroke upon me as well as you proposed forgetful of creation a fight movie in future,” he added.
“When a Liberation War began in 1971, you pronounced to myself that if you could endure a war, you will have a movie formed upon a Liberation War of Bangladesh which will discuss it a loyal story of a war,” Chashi continued.
“The fight eventually finished upon sixteen Dec with a obey of a Pakistani function forces. On nineteen December, you went to actress Koshru, a then student personality as well as leisure fighter. you met up with him during Iqbal Hall (now Sgt. Zahurul Haq Hall) as well as told him about my enterprise to have a movie upon the 1971 Liberation War,” he added.
“Khosru concluded now as well as it finished me happy. But creation a movie needs a lot of money,” pronounced Chashi.
“The name of Star Film Corporation Ltd, that was a heading movie prolongation as well as placement association of a time, popped up in my mind. The company owned eleven motion picture halls,” he continued.
“One day I, along with Khosru, Murad as well as Kazi Feroz Rashid, went to a handling executive of a company, Iftekhar Alam as well as talked to him. We let him know a enterprise for creation a movie upon a Liberation War,” Chashi said.
“Iftikhar Alam took us to Sher Ali Ramji, a authority of a company. Ramji was utterly wavering to deposit in a venture. But finally, he gave us money without asking us anything. We told him that you were not law breakers as well as you were simply there to take supports for a movie upon a Liberation War and you longed for Star Film Corporation Ltd to be a distributor,” he added.
“Upon conference a plans, Ramjee concluded happily as well as an agreement was signed. As many of us were compulsory to be benefaction during a sharpened spot, we selected Masud Parvez to take a income upon a behalf. So, he sealed a agreement upon a interest as a writer of a film. Back then, nothing of us actually programmed who will fool around what role.” pronounced Chashi.
“When it came to fixing a movie, you drew impulse from a Egaro Dofa Movement of Chharta Shongram Parishad as well as a ransom fight that was fought in eleven sectors. So, you came up with a name that had a series eleven in it — Ora Egaro Jon,” he said.
“We indispensable eleven leisure fighters for a movie. As Koshu was a leisure warrior himself, he did not took prolonged time to find a crew. We began the shooting of a movie upon twenty-one February, 1972,” he informed.
Even yet Ora Egaron Jon was finished in 1972, compartment date, a fight scenes in a movie sojourn a small of a most appropriate ever shots in a Bangladeshi movie.
“As you continually watched unfamiliar fight movies, you regularly had in thoughts to approach a movie similar to The Cranes Are Flying. The motion picture shabby me a lot,” Chashi said.
“We used live ammunition as well as firearms for sharpened of a film. Everything was real. Back then, as a fight had only ended, firearms were available. As we all were immature leisure fighters, you paid small courtesy to a risks compared with regulating of live ammunition in shooting.” he said.
“After Ora Egaro Jon, you finished Shangram to underline a contributions of a members of a armed forces in a Liberation War. Later, you finished movies such as Kamalpurer Juddho, Hangor Nadi Grenade, depicting a contributions of women in a Liberation War, Megher Pore Megh as well as Drubhatara. Till date you have destined 6 motion picture upon a Liberation War.”
Ora Egaro Jon contains genuine footages of a war. Chashi said, “The footages were taken during a fight by a crony of cave who worked as a
cameraman with an general headlines agency. He supposing me with a footages during a creation of a film.”
Asked about a devise for releasing of Ora Egaro Jon in colour format, Chashi Nazrul Islam said, “This could have been finished prolonged ago yet income is always a large factor. So, if you get competent account in destiny afterwards you will consider about that.”
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