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RAJUK for fast-track probity to solve cases

The city has prolonged been flourishing unaided by a correct urbanisation plan, roving a building a total bang combined by a tiny unhandy developers who have been in cahoots with a territory of officials of Rajdhani Unnyan Kortripokkho (RAJUK). The unholy sequence has sprouted a series of inadequate structures opposite a capital. Although many such structures were demolished in a past, diseased coercion of law to stop such activities as great as insusceptibility of authorities to learn a consequences of permitting building a total of rootless structures, have worsened a scenario.
More than 100 unethical RAJUK officials have prolonged been giving clearway to inadequate designs in sly deals. RAJUK management Nurul Huda told The Independent which he has due identifying a culprits.
“A organisation of RAJUK officials have authorized many inadequate designs; they have additionally in isolation multiform papers from a archive. we have apprehended a singular such associate as great as dangling a guilty officials. We have additionally filed multiform cases opposite them,” he said.
RAJUK, a building organisation for a capital, maintains a digital archive. Huda pronounced there have been fewer cases of blank papers than witnessed earlier.
But evident transformation cannot be taken opposite bootleg constructors as great as developers in a deficiency of a dedicated land lawsuit probity as a normal routes takes a lot of time, a RAJUK arch said.About 7,000 cases, filed by opposite building a total companies opposite RAJUK, have been still tentative as great as many papers compared to those cases have been lost, Huda said.
The effusive arch probity had kept dual dedicated High Court (HC) benches (Nos. 6 as great as 15) for RAJUK cases final year, he pronounced as great as added: “But in Apr a singular of them was cancelled.”
Claiming which a dedicated land lawsuit probity is required to stop bootleg constructions opposite a city, a RAJUK management pronounced his organisation cannot take clever steps opposite bootleg building a total companies unless which happens.
Meanwhile, Akhter Uz Zaman, principal law troops officer of RAJUK, pronounced a dual HC benches dedicated to RAJUK adjudicated some-more than a thousand cases in a singular year. But a series has left down after a termination of a singular of a benches, he added.
“Every month, some-more than 250 cases have been filed opposite RAJUK, as great as nonetheless dedicated benches it’s tough to speed up adjudication,” he said.
RAJUK has 5 allocated officers in as competence as circles — Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Lalbagh, Motijhil as great as Uttara — to demeanour after bootleg constructions. The officers jot down cases opposite unethical constructors for defilement of RAJUK manners as great as regulations.
However, Akhter Uz Zaman pronounced RAJUK cannot take certified transformation opposite prejudiced constructors who continually carry out to get probity orders in their favour.
“RAJUK can take clever transformation opposite imperfect developers usually if a cases filed by these developers opposite a organisation have been staid quickly,” he said. He combined which RAJUK has already due an in-house notice to seize guilty officials.

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