Reserve seat for women in Bangladesh parliament is not empowering women

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ParliamentA study by Khan Foundation revealed that the reserve seat for women in the parliament is not empowering women; on the contrary women are becoming dependant on this opportunity.

Up to ninth parliament two hundred and fourteen women were made parliamentarian but only nineteen of them contested in direct election later and only five of them were elected.

But fifty three women parliamentarians were elected up to ninth parliament. That means the reserve seat policy for women is not making women parliamentarians. Kahan Foundation has recommended that at least thirty percent seat should be allotted to women candidates in the general election and that may change the scenario.

But some other experts have described it as impossible right now. They think this reserved seat policy should be continued but women parliamentarians should have constituency like local election and they should be elected from direct election.

There are also some women who is against any type of reserved seats. They think women should made ready by proper education not by quota.

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