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Rumana hopes to see again

Dhaka University clergyman Rumana Manzur, along with her father Manzur Hossain, reached Canada’s Vancouver International Airport Tuesday for improved diagnosis of a plant of heartless torture.

Rumana, a postgraduate tyro of a University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada, whose eyes were really bad marred by her vicious husband, was exuberantly welcomed during a airfield by her varsity friends.

With tears in her eyes Rumana said, “I did not goal so much. we don’t know how to appreciate them for their cordiality.”

She said, “My friends here have speedy me to face a obstacles; right divided we brave to mental condition again.”

From a airfield she was taken to Vancouver Hospital initial where condition of her eyes were checked.

Rumana, 33, was pounded final month whilst upon vacation her home city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, whilst upon a mangle from her master’s studies in domestic scholarship during a University of British Columbia.

Her husband, Hassan Syed, is indicted of perplexing to tool her eyes out in front of a couple’s five-year-old daughter.

Rumana pronounced he pounded her out of hatred.

Syed is right divided during a back of bars for try to attempted murder after his steady bail requests were incited down.

Indian doctors have already checked as good as felt unqualified to find any heal for her problem.

But her UBC friends have been not nonetheless ready to remove hope. Under their Initiative, Rumana is right divided in Vancouver to find if any heal is possible. There she will be underneath diagnosis of an eye specialist.

Rumana said, “At present, my eye’s condition is not good. we goal UCB’s alloy here will be means to provide me. we wish everybody to urge for me.”

During a treatment, she will be residing, along with her father, during St John’s College, wherein ubiquitous UBC students live. Within a week her mom as good as daughter will stick upon her.

Canadian officials pronounced a decider in Bangladesh has postulated Monzur’s daughter a right to leave a nation though her father’s permission.

Meanwhile, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney postulated Monzur a proxy proprietor permit, says every day Montreal Gazette.

A comparison central told Postmedia News that given Monzur could no longer study, a immigration minister`s usually choice was to move her to Canada fast upon a basement of proxy proprietor permit.

UBC has vowed to do whatever they can for Rumana.

The university has lifted $42,000 so distant from 550 tiny donations as good as is anticipating to have it $70,000 to cover Monzur`s losses whilst she lives with her father upon campus as good as undergoes any required healing treatments.

Catherine Dauvergne, a comparison confidant to UBC President Stephen Toope, said, “It has turn transparent that there (are) no serve healing options accessible for her in her home country, as good as there is a tiny probability that there might be a single some-more diagnosis here,”

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