Train is threatened to stop in protest of new schedule.

Railway is always an ignored sector in Bangladesh. In fact policy makers often have taken

some steps which forced people to use Bus. Mymensingh is the latest example for this kind of

decision. Where schedule of a popular intercity is changed, so that people cannot use train

to visit Dhaka.
Mymensingh Unnayan Parishad (a local citizen committee) is now threatening to stop intercity

train Brahmaputra Express if it does not change its new schedule. According to new schedule it

will leave Mymensingh for Dhaka at 5:30 am from Friday next. The Unnayan Parishad says it

will not benefit the people of Mymensingh. But previous schedule in which the train leaved

Mymensingh for Dhaka at 8:30 was very useful for local people.

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