Contempt of court petition filed against 7 Supreme Court lawyers

S Alam Group chairman Mohammad Saiful Alam and his wife Farzana Parveen are facing a ban from publishing any news, statements, opinions and videos online regarding their foreign assets.

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Referring to the statement of Syed Saeedul Haq, senior lawyer Ajmalul Hussain said, ‘Allegation has been made against S Alam. The matter is still under consideration. The issue under consideration is being discussed as if it is a media trial.

The court said, “Those (media) against whom you sought a ban are neither in favor of suo motu cognizance nor in favor of allowing the appeal.” How will I impose sanctions on someone who is not associated with this matter?”

At one point Ajmalul Hussain KC said, “It is necessary primarily for The Daily Star.”

The court said, “Daily Star has published its report. And you have published your story through advertisements in newspapers. Prima facie I don’t see any reason to ban them (media). Have they published anything after implementing the status quo or not? You have mentioned media trial. But, I don’t see anything that could hamper the trial.”

Giving examples of several cases, Azmamul Hussain KC said that the stay order is being sought so that the public is not misled by news reports. Due to the status quo we cannot go to the High Court. We are demanding this to stop the media trial.

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