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Sanitary napkin vending machine for female students of Dhaka University

Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (DUCSU) and commercial brand ACI has started the process of setting up sanitary napkin vending machines for female students. Sanitary napkin is a must to avoid infectious diseases among women. But buying one is embarrassing and bit costly for students. To solve the problem ten vending machines are being setup in ten different places of female student halls. There will be a human operator nearby to handle any possible technical issues.
Students will be able to collect sanitary napkin any time from vending machine with ten taka bank note. Currently market price of these napkins are fourteen taka and authority is promising to continue ten taka rate even if market price increases further. These napkins have been a taboo in conservative societies around the world. In many cases shaving razors for men were sent as part of disaster relief. But sanitary napkins were avoided. So this initiative will surely please female students of Dhaka University.

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