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Small mistake, big loss

Rozina Begum done a misfortune inapplicable designation of her life: she left her toddler outward a sentinel to see a alloy when an opposite lady suggested her to do so. When she came out, she didn’t find a kid there.

Some dual hours later, physique of a dual as good as half year-old lady was found fibbing upon a staircase during a Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) a small 200 yards off a place she was final seen.

The genocide of Ishrat Jahan Riya, daughter of Rozina Begum from Badda Nagar Hazaribagh in a aged partial of a city, is hidden in mystery.

How a small kid was distant from her mom as good as how she incited up routine during a staircase is still unknown.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Rozina described how she had mislaid her kid whilst upon vacation a Gynaecological outward territory of a DMCH for conference around 10:30am.

On her approach inside a ward, a woman, allegedly a sanatorium maid, suggested Rozina to leave a kid outward during her appointment, in box Ishrat gets loud or disturbs.

Taking a unsolicited advice, Rozina, mom of scrap-metal merchant Nurul Islam, left her daughter in a watchful area as good as went in for her healing revisit which lasted 20-25 minutes.

After a appointment, a defender found her daughter missing. She searched everywhere though to no avail.

The concerned mom brisk to DMCH authorities for assistance.

Around 11:30am, sanatorium authorities done announcements by loudspeakers requesting sanatorium visitors, officials as good as doctors to inform a locale of a child, if found.

An hour as good as half after around 1:00pm, a confidence ensure reported which a kid was found upon a second structure of a 11-storeyed ‘Centre for Nuclear Medicine as good as Ultrasound’ structure customarily 200 yards divided from where Rozina mislaid her 2-year-old.

On information, Ishrat’s mom rushed to a symbol as good as identified a kid as her own.

Prof Dr Md Sanowar Hossain, executive of Centre for Nuclear Medicine as good as Ultrasound, pronounced a kid was found upon a second structure staircase which is utterly deserted.

A confidence ensure of a centre detected a physique during his change as good as sensitive a director, who afterwards rushed to a symbol along with alternative doctors customarily to find which a kid had already died.

Subsequently, a executive sensitive a police.

Police arrived during a theatre as good as sent a physique of a little-one to a DMCH morgue.

On rough examination, morgue officials said, they found a small blemish outlines upon Ishrat’s abdomen.

Police suspected which a child’s genocide was a attempted attempted murder ensuing from of a unsuccessful abduction attempt.

Law enforcers have been fixation Ishrat’s father Nurul Islam between a attempted attempted murder suspects.

DMCH sources hoped which a footage from a multiform CC TV cameras upon sanatorium premises will be tested to establish what happened to a child.

“But after an endless search, zero could be found from a footage,” pronounced DMCH Director Brig Gen Shahidul Haque Mallik.

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