Taslima’s condemnation on Poonam Pandey’s activity

Controversial exiled Bangladeshi writer Taslima is news item again. This time she is headline for her comment on Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra.

These two celebrities became celebrity for their attention drawing comments and erotic photos, not for their performance. For example model Poonam Pandey was headline when she said she will strip off her clothes if India wins the world cup.
Few days ago Poonam Pandey posted a revealing photo of her with a caption, “Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it”.

Taslima who always been women right campaigner was furious and twitted “Poonam Pandey got naked but not satisfied. She wanna do dirtiest things none did before. Wants to get fucked in public!” She clearly against this type of commercial depiction of women.

Poonam Pandey also reacted with her familiar style. She twitted, most people suppress their desire, but we do not (sic).

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