Tiger skin seized

DN_Tiger_SkinThere was a time when Royal Bengal Tigers were everywhere in Asia. But now the Sundarban is the only habitation of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Even there the tigers are facing many manmade and natural difficulties. Many experts fear that this giant creature is on the verge of extinction. The global climate change problem is another new threat.

The skin of this type of tiger is very lucrative in the market, many people kills tigers only for the skin. Tiger killing is banned in Bangladesh. But the application of the law seems not doable.

Nabi Hossain of forty five was arrested in Pirojpur today for illegally carrying tiger skin. He was trying to take it to Dhaka. Police said these skin price is approximately 1 crore taka. Nabi Hossain lives in the southern district of Bagerhat. Police arrested him from Mothbaria bus stand after receiving information from an anonymous source.

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Sundarban Tiger Skin

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