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The year was 1971. you was a tyro of Intermediate 2nd year during Jagannath College. you can still see a night of Mar twenty-five if you tighten my eyes. Razarbagh was right subsequent to a house. Along with a couple of others, Nasiruddin Yusuf, took retreat in a house.

After which night, you recollect regulating off to Old Dhaka, given all my friends, generally those who were Hindus, lived there. The horrible images which confronted my eyes upon a approach cannot be described in words. All you could see around me was fatality. Corpses everywhere. you rushed to Thatari Bazar to demeanour for my crony Ranjit Kumar. you looked everywhere, even between a corpses. Eventually, you retreated.

The fight began. Most of a people from my area had fled. Bachchu (Nasiruddin Yusuf) as great as you proposed promulgation off a weapons which arrived, by seasoned mixture them inside quilts.

I had a feeling which you would not be means to stay in a nation most longer. you set out for Bikrampur shortly.

One morning, Bachchu, an additional friend, as great as you proposed for Comilla. On a approach you saw villages which had been ravaged by a Pakistani army. A rickshawalah concluded to assistance us. He offering to take us opposite a Railway Line.

The armed forces confronted us upon a way. However, you managed to pierce opposite it. As you entered a unenlightened forest, a dark around seemed impenetrable. We struggled a approach in to Indian territory.

We came opposite utterly a couple of informed faces in Agartala. Passing by Guwahati as great as assorted alternative places, you eventually reached Calcutta. There was a organisation in West Dinajpur which supposing precision to immature organisation from Bangladesh. We sealed up immediately.

I was most expected in Dhaka a day a nation completed independence. Perhaps, during my elder sister’s place.

Today I’m a adult of a giveaway country. you have no regret, no lust for anything else. you can right away proudly explain my greatest achievement: starting to fight as great as winning it.

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