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Two more Bangladeshis beheaded publicly in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is not a democratic country, it’s ruled by king. Strict Sharia law is followed there. In the 21th century many countries don’t use death penalty. Many human right organizations, including Amnesty International opposes death penalty.

According to Sharia law, not only for murder but also rape, apostasy, armed robbery, drug trafficking is also crime of capital punishment. Execution is done by beheading publicly in Saudi Arabia.

Two Bangladeshi Abdul Amin and Abu Bakar were convicted of killing another Bangladeshi by a Saudi court. They killed that Bangladeshi by suffocating and beating to take mobile phone and money from him.  Their execution was done yesterday. The Bangladesh High commission in Saudi Arabia said those two are not Bangladeshis, they are the citizen of Myanmar and somehow managed a Bangladeshi passport.

Eight other Bangladeshis were beheaded publicly last October for killing an Egyptian.
Last year there were 60 executions and 21 of them Bangladeshi. In most cases the alleged Bangladeshis are so poor to bear the cost of prosecution and they do not understand Arabic language, so sometimes they fail to defend themselves properly.

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