Up to 12 years of imprisonment proposed for killing tiger or elephant. (Part-II)

Now Wild Life Conservation Bill-2011 is placed in the parliament by the forest and environment ministry. It has included one thousand three hundred and twenty three species. It has identified 8 types of amphibians, 58 types of reptiles, 41 types of birds, and 40 types of mammals as endangered species.

According to the bill the government will have the power to declare government land, forest, wet land or any government land as reserved area. Government may declare any forest, Echo Park, safari park or botanical garden as breeding zone.

If any one kills tiger or elephant for the first time he may face two to seven years of imprisonment with one to ten lakh taka fines.

But if he do it second time he will face up to twelve years of imprisonment with fifteen lakh taka fine. There are more provisions for other animals and destroying forest.

This bill is sent to parliamentary standing committee for forest and environment; they will make report on the bill.

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