Valentine’s Day in Bangladesh: Dhaka News

Valentine’s Day in Bangladesh: Valentine Day has become a very popular part of Bangladeshi society as western country. The culture has grown up in recent years in Bangladeshi society especially in urban society. Young people enjoy this day with their boyfriend and girlfriend by going to the fast food, cafeteria or park. This day gives special impression on their mind. Dhaka city gets special festivity in this day. This day is observed highly in Dhaka city than other places of Bangladesh. Couples give red rose to their beloved one. Some people look forward to offer for new lover. The people from the age 16 to 30 are more interested to enjoy this very day. Actually there is nothing to love in a specific day. But it is an occasion to express love in a different way. It gives extra pleasure to the couples. But love should be continued in the rest of the days of the year. Love is something which will make you selfless. It teaches that, ‘Don’t do anything for you, Do something for other and get pleasure from sacrificing.’ Love teaches to sacrifice, dedicate and share you with others. Nothing is perfect without love. There should not be anything done without love. You should love your friends, you should love your family members, you should love your colleagues and you should love the all people of the world. Only love can remove every kind of disorders from the world. Love should not be used to divide the people from different sphere. We sympathies the people who lost their beloved any way. We wish them to have a great valentine’s day today.

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