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Water festival brings a festive look in hill districts of Chittagong

Boisabi festival of tribes of hilly Chittagong started form Saturday.

Welcoming the New Year and their Boisabi festivals of these smaller tribes will continue for a week.

The main festival will start from 12 of April.In this regard different sport programs started.

The name Boisabi, is an acronym for three festivals of the three main indigenous communities of CHT.

The Tripura community celebrates it as ‘Boishu’, the Marma calls it Sangrai or Shangraine and the Chakmas observe it as ‘Biju’. Boishu, Sangrai and Biju together form Boi-sa-bi which means new Bangla year celebration.

The people of the area are now busy making traditional masks and inviting relatives and friends to the biggest festival of the indigenous people.

They take bath and float flowers in rivers, canals and springs to seek blessings of God for peace and prosperity. In the evening they go to ‘Kyang’ (Buddhist temple) and light candles.

People of Marma tribe believe that with water they wash away all the woes, pains and sins of the past year. It also reinvigorates people for a good start.

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