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WikiLeaks Reveal Sheikh Hasina’s Autocracy

Sheikh Hasina’s two faced approach to her vows to uphold democracy is reflected in the manner she runs Awami League sitting atop her ivory tower surrounded by greedy hoards of sycophants and crooked loyalists. Right now, all power is in the hands of Sheikh Hasina while the party members bow to her whims and behave like her loyal subjects. Since nobody is willing to speak up or point out the

glaring errors, Hasina thinks whatever she touches turns to gold. The autocratic nature of Hasina as she consolidates her grip on power is most prevalent in Awami League’s decision making process. Sheikh Hasina dealt a crippling blow to the Bangladesh government by selecting some businessmen for vital ministerial positions.

Those who gave more donation than others got the more lucrative ministry to loot and plunder from. However, those who did not bow their heads in servitude, the ‘reformists’ during the two-year caretaker government were never forgiven by the AL president Sheikh Hasina. Four senior party leaders were dropped from the Awami League Presidium, whilst numerous mid-level officials also lost their positions in the central committee. Senior leaders and veteran parliamentarians like Abdur Razzak, Amir Hossain Amu, Tofail Ahmed, and Suranjit Sen Gupta were all earmarked for their apparent reformist attitude and severely reprimanded by Sheikh Hasina.

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