Women are the main customers at Eid market now.

Half of Ramadan is gone, but mostly female customers are visiting and buying so far. Traders are expecting that they will get far more customers when the consumers will have the Eid bonus.

Women are mainly buying sari and salwar kameez, while girls are also opting Kurta, Fatua or tops. Indian and Pakistani Sari and salwar kameez are popular among women. Cuff length salwar kameez is the craze among women and girls this year.

The economy of Bangladesh is expanding slowly and fashion houses are enjoying this, because now many people have more money in hand than before. They are spending more for Eid shopping.

In the recent years fashion houses have been able to expand their business outside Dhaka.

Irony is, rising price of the essential commodities has increased number of poor people in the country. Economic growth is not benefiting all.

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