‘YouTube to reopen after the removal of that controversial video’-says BTRC

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The Bangladesh Telecomunication Regulatory Commission BTRC has reiterated its stand that it will not reopen YouTube before the removal of that controversial anti Islam offensive video.

BTRC requested YouTube to remove that controversial video but YouTube refused to do that. Then BTRC blocked YouTube on 17th September.

After request from BTRC, Facebook has blocked some controversial contents in Bangladesh before. But YouTube authority is not willing to accept BTRC’s quest.

That controversial video is a fourteen minute long trailer of an anti-Islam movie ‘innocence of Islam’. That movie is directed by Sam Basil who himself is known as an anti Islam activist. This movie tried to defame Prophet Mohammad (SM), it also criticized Islam and Quran.

Many websites including some educational websites use YouTube to broadcast their videos. All these videos are inaccessible from Bangladesh now. But still there is no sign to break the dead lock.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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