1500 houses and 25 villages are under the rivers

About1500 houses in Sariakandi and 25 villages in Ishardi are under rivers.

Locals made a complaint that the authority threw mud filled sacks instead of sand sacks. Thus these sacks got washed away with the flow of the river to protect from land slide. The contractors denied the fact.

As the water level of the river Jamuna is becoming low, the land slide into the river increased.1500 Houses and a govt. school of chinaware is under the river. Water development board invested Taka 3 crore to drop sand filled sacks

To stop the breaking process, proposals (DPP) sent to planning commission for approval. But, as it was not under ADP and due to lack of fund the process couldn’t be approved.

The sorrows and miseries of the victims are unbearable.

Similar situation is in Ishardi. Until now about 25 villages are under water by the flow of the river Padma. School, Madrasa & college of near by area are under threat. Immediate action should be taken to save more area.

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