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2 universities’ clash injures 5 in city

At slightest 50 were harmed as well as over 100 vehicles vandalised as students of dual in isolation universities during a city’s Banani clashed for 3 as well as half hours upon Saturday over purported stalking of a womanlike student.

The contrary students of Primeasia University as well as Southeast University chased any others with wooden sticks to opposite roads in Banani as well as hurled brickbats branch a area in to a bridgehead after a strife had started upon a Kemal Ataturk Avenue around 2:00pm.

Authorities sealed Primeasia University for an unfixed duration whilst a alternative varsity for dual days following a clash.

Several hundred students of dual universities faced off upon a streets over an purported incident of stalking of a womanlike tyro of Southeast University by a tyro of a alternative institution, a match reported quoting military sources.

Khandker Lutful Kabir, emissary government official of Gulshan division, told that which a vibrated students sealed in to clashes upon a categorical as well as side roads in between Kakoli as well as Kemal Ataturk Avenue.

As they chased any other, a students vandalised vehicles, often in isolation cars, as well as shops in a areas.

Police lobbed about thirty rip gas shells as well as charged batons upon a students as they took to a travel in front of their universities as well as pelted brickbats during a law enforcers, a DC said.

The incident eventually calmed around 5:30pm.

Police pronounced trade transformation resumed in a community of a capital.

“The students of both universities went behind to their own campuses,” a military military officer said, adding which a moving incident was prevalent in a area.

Dr Giash Uddin Ahmad, a Vice Chancellor of Primeasia University, told that which they had motionless to shutdown a varsity for an unfixed duration following a violence.

On a alternative hand, Southeast University has been sealed for dual days, pronounced Dr Anowar Hossain, a VC of a institution, told a correspondent.

Both a VCs voiced their stupidity about a reason of a clashes as well as positive review in to a events.

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