A retired army officer jailed by civil court

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armyUsually military personnel are tried by court martial. The procedure of that court is little different. The verdict can’t be challenged in civil court. There is a tendency to avoid the civil court by military personnel. Many analysts argue that speedy and strict trial is needed to maintain discipline in army.

But Nurunnahar Shelly the first joint metropolitan session judges has jailed a retired army officer for five days due to his arrogant behavior with the court.

The retired officer Major Mahbubur Rahman was a witness of a cheque dishonor case in that court. He wanted the persuasion of his matter before others. But the court was following the procedure. It made him angry and he started shouting, he also misbehaved with policemen when they were taking him in their custody. As a consequence of this, the court ordered five days of imprisonment. Perhaps the retired army officer forgot that no one is above the law and cantonment type rule is not applicable here.

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