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Andho Nirangom

Question: Who is a Baul? Answer: A Baul is an artist who sings songs of Lalon as good as alternative normal as good as religious farming songs. A elementary and, frankly, utterly standard answer to a subject which can presumably stir up a low discussion. To operate a aforementioned overly uncomplicated outline to conclude Bauls to a organisation of foreigners would be unjust. To conclude Bauls, a single contingency assimilate a Baul approach of hold up as good as devotion, as good as their approach of acid a Divine within. A Baul is some-more than only a singer.

Hasibur Reza Kallol’s “Andho Nirangom” — a ultimate movie upon a truth of Fakir Lalon Shai as good as a lives of ? la mode Bauls — starts with perplexing to conclude Bauls. An particular from a organisation of foreigners, who have been about to attend Lalon Festival in Kushtia, presents a subject to a Bangladeshi acquaintance/guide (enacted by AFM Moniruzzaman Shipu).

Done in a docu-fiction style, a movie tries to uncover puzzles prompted by Lalon’s doctrine.

As a organisation reaches a akhra (Lalon’s basement in Chheuria), a anecdotist goes over Lalon’s story. The tourists come opposite Bauls as good as civic singers.

According to a narrator, Lalon was lifted by his coach Siraj Shai. Siraj Shai assumingly found a seven-month-old Lalon by a river, yet a final new movie upon a cryptic minstrel tries to settle which Lalon was found as an adult by Malam Karikar as good as lifted as a son.

As a foreigners — escorted by their Bangladeshi crony as good as Baul Shafi Mandal — go out for sightseeing, they come opposite a kid declared Munna. His singing capability mesmerises them. They wish to know about him. And from this impulse upon a categorical tract of “Andho Nirangom” develops. Going over Munna’s story, it is a story of dual Bauls — Mataji (Rokeya Prachy) as good as her religious partner Shamsher Shai (Jayanta Chattopadhyay).

The pretension of a movie is borrowed from a single of Lalon’s songs: “Chitto Mandotomo Andho Nirangom”. The film, in a upon approach of course, tries to strew light upon Lalon’s counsel will to sojourn childless. It is well known which Lalon had no kid as good as perhaps, he longed for his disciples to follow his examples. Mataji faces a quandary when she finds out which dual of her disciples have damaged a rule. They ask Mataji, “If a kid is not born, who would lift upon a legacy?”

Apart from direction, Kallol additionally wrote a story as good as screenplay. Research for a film, however, seemed inadequate. “Andho Nirangom” is a initial underline movie constructed by Ekushey Television. The categorical reason a movie should be lauded is which it highlights Lalon’s truth as good as a Baul approach of life. More prepared views as good as observations upon Lalon as good as Bauls, in a form of drive-in theatre as good as TV plays, have been necessary.

Sanjeeb Ahmed as good as Reetu A. Sattar, along with Bauls as good as a organisation of foreigners have donned alternative critical roles. As a movie is upon Lalon, song is an critical partial of it. Popular songs by Shafi Mandal, Anusheh Anadil, Bimol Das, Munna as good as Mamo will positively damp a audience.

“Andho Nirangom” premiered upon Dec twenty during Star Cineplex, Bashundhara Mall, Dhaka. The movie will be expelled currently (December 23).

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