Sunflower treatment of Fukushima.

It is believed that sunflower at its full height can absorb large quantities of radioactive

caesium. This property of sunflower is very useful to decontaminate radioactive soil. After

Chernobyl disaster in 1986 a large quantity of sunflower were planted in neighboring areas.

Recent earthquake in japan triggered tsunami which caused Fukushima tragedy. In fact

Fukushima nuclear plant was not prone to earthquake. Its automatic control system stopped

the plant when earthquake started. When its power generation was stopped its cooling system

power was coming from standby generator. But tsunami stopped the generator, as a result

cooling system failed, which resulted meltdown of the plant.

Huge area had to be evacuated; surrounding area came under radioactive exposure. Which was a

headache for local farmers because they feared their crops would also become contaminated.

Sunflower brought the solution for them.  They also planted large quantity of sunflowers

which are now bursting into bloom. Officials expecting that the area is becoming

decontaminated in the process. They are also expecting to exploit this huge sunflower field

for tourism industry.

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