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Covid 19 pandemic may increase child marriage in Bangladesh

Like all other sectors, education sector is also going to suffer because of the present covid-19 pandemic. In a joint research report two non-government research organizations Power & Participation Research Center and BRAC Institute of Governance & Development has expressed concern about education crisis among poor, especially education for children from low income families.
According to their research, low income people has lost 82 percent of their income in urban areas. In rural areas low income people has lost 79 percent of their income. These families may not continue education for their female child. So there may be dropout of 80 to 85 lac female child from primary and secondary level. Bangladesh has successfully achieved gender equality in primary and secondary level. But now it will be very difficult to maintain.
Many low income families will find child marriage for their female child as a better option. That means a rise in child marriage. A university academic has said, government should initiate special allowance program for poor families so that they can continue education for their female child.

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