Fisherman killed by Bengal tiger in Sundarbans

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Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest of the world is famous for its natural resources and biodiversities. Bengal tiger is the biggest and most famous in the world. This tiger is notorious for its man eating habit.

Poor villagers living in the surrounding areas of the Sundarbans depend on the forest. Death of locals by tiger is so common there. Tigers are losing their habitats and food resources due to climate change problem; rising population is also a reason.

A thirty eight year old fisherman Nazrul Islam was killed by tiger on Thursday. Forest guards recovered his decomposed body yesterday. Nazrul Islam and some other fishermen went for fishing and he became victim of tiger. His fellow fishermen returned without him while he was missing.

Limited number of people is allowed to enter in the forest to collect honey, wood, leaf and to catch fish. As people are regularly entering in the forest death and injury by tiger is inevitable. Rivers bordering the forest and villages are drying up due to withdrawal of water in the upstream, so it’s becoming easier for tiger to enter the villages.

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