India’s recent power failure was because of cyber attack?

Few days ago the Indian’s experienced massive power breakdown for two consecutive days, it was the worst in eleven years. Many emergency services including metro rail service were halted, which resulted severe traffic jam in many cities.
After some investigations the authority is suspecting that is was a cyber attack. Many experts are pointing figures to Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’.

This group conducted many attacks against many renowned sites. When the United States tried to stop Wikileaks, this hacker group carried out attacks against many US sites.

Recently Indian hackers hacked some Bangladeshi sites and Bangladeshi hackers responded with counter attacks. There are reports that ‘Anonymous’ supported Bangladeshi hackers and hacked many Indian sites at that time. They wanted to condemn the border killings in Bangladesh-India border by the Indian border guards. Israeli hackers supported Indian hackers at that time.

There are also some reports that the US government is also carrying attacks against Iran, North Korea and some other Middle East countries. Internet security company Symantec said they have found evidence that US and Israel are spreading malewares to attack Iranian power and nuclear projects.

The US also fears that ‘Anonymous’ may attack US power grids. Not only power grid, water supply and gas supply grids are also vulnerable to cyber attack.

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