Kumar Bishwajit thinks we need to improvise technology

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Kumar Bishwajit has usually finished structure his own house. He has a singular plan. There will be a vast wall in a residence which will enclose finger prints as great as signatures of important Bangalee personalities as great as artistes. That’s since he is really bustling operative upon that. But his low-pitched tour is still starting upon full swing.

The musical voice of complicated Bangla songs, who has not prolonged ago distinguished thirty years of his music, is still really ardent as great as dedicated to music. Still he is touring, roughly any day, any dilemma during home as great as abroad.

Bishwajit says, “I instruct to sing until my final exhale as great as you am never sleepy of furloughed as great as enjoying music. It is my worship.”

The thespian has already proposed operative upon his ultimate piece for a single person album. It will be his second piece for a single person with Prince Mahmud in combination as great as balance of a songs.

“My initial manuscript with Prince was Ek Mutho Jochhona. It was expelled upon a arise of my 25th year’s jubilee in music. The ultimate manuscript with Prince will have something ultimate to suggest for my audience, as you have been experimenting with conflicting genres of strain as great as sound. Kabir Bakul, Liton Adhikari Rintu, Dr Mostafa Kamal, Prince Mahmud will coop down a lyrics. Hope, you would be equates to to finish a manuscript inside of couple of months,” sensitive Bishwajit.

The strain attention of a republic is flitting a tough time. Piracy of music, tumble down of CD sell, strife in between musicians as great as audio companies left a industry’s predestine during stake. As a single of a comparison musicians, Kumar Bishwajit is really many endangered about these matters. To strike a situation, he says, “Music lovers could recollect a duration of transforming strain from audio cassette to CD. In which period, there were additionally problems in a industry. There were so many confusions, conflicts as great as preference creation problems around a industry. It’s a same complaint again now. All you need is to ascent a strain offered routine as great as format. In China, they have already introduced USB as great as Microchip in place of CD as great as DVD. It equates to albums will be sell in USB as great as Microchip or mechanism mental recall card. Audio companies should welcome, deliver as great as climb this routine to sell a albums. AR Rahman’s strain destined soundtrack manuscript of a film Blue was expelled upon Microchip as great as USB format recently. Easily you can deliver this record to sell a audio albums. But you should keep it thoughts which prices of these formatted albums should be affordable so which people get meddlesome to buy a manuscript instead of duplicating it. ”

In this predicament impulse of a industry, immature musicians as great as singers have been additionally really bad affected. About them Kumar Bishwajit says, “I would similar to to tenure stream incident a transformation duration as great as immature musicians as great as singers have been additionally confronting problems. But deliberation a time during a back of in thirty years, a incident is many improved for them. Because, their height is ready. There have been TV channels, FM radios, newspapers as great as pick media. At slightest they get a trickery to air their songs. They don’t need to furnish so many albums. Two peculiarity songs any year is enough for a singer’s survival. And you additionally hold which if any thespian has 10 strike songs in his career, a some-more than enough to lift upon as a musician,” Bishwajit concludes.

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